Smart phones, Smart people.

We are living in great times. Mobile technology is developing at a very fast pace. The proliferation of mobile phones has helped to bridge the technology gap in Africa. This trend will continue to rise and the mobile devices’ internet connectivity is following the same direction. Cyber criminals are always active and looking for vulnerable devices to exploit. Don’t be a victim.

Smartphones have become a very important business tools. No doubt these mobile devices have indeed enhanced both business and personal communication. Most features on a smartphones are hardly ever used. Experts suggest smartphone users in Britain mainly use their smartphone for browsing the internet, accessing social media websites, play games and for listening to their favourite music. Communication tools like WhatsApp are improving the way we communicate with our working colleagues and customers.

It is very common these days for a business to supply smartphones to employees to help them discharge their duties. Many employees are using their own smartphone to access their employer’s network to work, it is known as “Bring your own device” (BYOD). BYOD reduces business cost. There is no need for the organisation to purchase the mobile devices. Another benefit is, workers are very familiar with their smartphones hence it eliminates learning and how to use the device. The disadvantage of BYOD is business does not have control of the choice of device. The risk of infecting the corporate network is very high.

What do you do with your old phones when you get a new one? Do you just reset it and get rid of it? What do you do with your old laptop/desktop, when you get a new one? There are digital forensic skills available today that may be able to retrieve data from a reset smartphone and formatted hard drive of a computer. Are you able to transfer data from an old phone to a new one easily and securely?

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will start taking steps to take control of the data on your smartphone.

Follow the tips below and you will be on your way to stay out of trouble with the data protection law:

  • Never leave your smartphone unattended. Don’t make the work easy for your phone to be hacked or stolen.

  • Get a quality casing and the correct one for your phone.

  • Use the right charger and don’t leave your phone on charging overnight.

  • Your smartphone is shipped with several security features as standard;, review the security setting on your smartphone and amend it accordingly to suit your requirements.

  • Get an antivirus programme. Smartphones are computers and they require and antivirus software.

  • Apply updates to your phone’s operating system as soon as they are released. Most of these updates are to patch security vulnerabilities, fix bugs and improve the overall performance of the operating system and the apps.

  • Download your apps from the authorised source.

  • You may encrypt the data on your device.

  • Connect to trusted WIFI access point only.

Mobile phone entrepreneurs all over Africa must respond to changes quickly in order to remain relevant in the marketplace. Old smartphones filled with sensitive content pose a risk to individuals and businesses. Business can secure data on their smartphones using PiceaServices™. PiceaServices™ consist of three products: PiceaSwitch™ the fastest solution on the market to transfer content between two phones, PiceaEraser™ certified solution to erase devices, and PiceaDiagnostics™ a solution for finding problems with phones.

PiceaServices™ can be an added value service for customers when they buy a mobile phone from operators and a source of revenue when priced competitively. A typical user scenario for mobile phone dealers includes a secure data transfer and a complete data wipe of a smartphone PiceaServices™ are also available online for technology enthusiasts that may wish to do it themselves. Also supermarkets and shops may want to stock PiceaServices™ Online vouchers to sell to customers.

How do you value your brand? Protection of personal data on your mobile device can be easy. Smart people all over the world are responding to the threat of data loss. Take control of your smartphone. All the best.

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