How to accelerate Ghana national development

A two-year national service obligation in the Ghana Armed Forces will be a strategic measure to accelerate national development. It will promote national security, character development, skill development, unity, infrastructure growth, career opportunities, and patriotism.

Security: Address security threats and cultural shifts

Skills Gap and Unemployment: a more practical method for deploying trade training, as well as abundant opportunities to practise and use skills.

Character Development and Discipline: reduce the sense of entitlement and mediocrity

Infrastructure Development: Let’s take a cue from the Field Engineers constructing rural roads.

National Unity and Social Cohesion: A Means of Mending the discord caused by Politicians.

Patriotism and Civic Responsibility: Our defining characteristics are FREEDOM & JUSTICE in poor condition.

I will name this strategy “Obrumankoma (NAVY), Odapagyan (Air Force / Space), and Oson (ARMY) growth.”

This service opportunity can be fulfilled on a part-time or full-time basis for two years under the supervision of the Armed Forces Reserves.

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