Are you in Shape?

The other day I heard some one say “life is what you make it.” wow! Time to dig inside you and be sure you know the reason you are alive today. It is all by the Grace of God that we are alive today. Give thanks and praises if you can breathe today. Be thankful for all you have today. Do not worry about tomorrow, what ever happened yesterday is gone but you may choose to take advantage of today and start to live on purpose. Find your purpose and aligned your goals to it and you will be happy. I have some questions for you.

  1. What are your top three spiritual gifts?
  2. What are the three things you love to do?
  3. What are your abilities?
  4. What are your experiences so far?

Do you know?

Take time to fill the SHAPE survey and and start the journey to discover some truths about yourself.

I believe if you know your SHAPE you can be more effective with your service to your church or charity. Hey keep strong and be on the winning side.