Times are changing and these changes require leaders in various settings to adapt to current needs to maximise work place output. For leaders who seek to influence the thinking, development and behaviour of others, ENCOUNTER is the course for you. Anyone who desires greater personal or professional impact could also attend. Lead Like Jesus a global leadership development organization is facilitating a two day workshop in Leadership, to equip leaders with information and techniques of leadership looking at the “Jesus Model of leadership”. ENCOUNTER will be held 34 Park Royal Road, London NW10 7LN UK.

ENCOUNTER is a love-based leadership model built on the foundation of an individual’s character, integrity and power of relationships.

The workshop is for Pastors, Team leaders, Teachers, Human resource professionals Managers, Coaches, Board members and Parents who want to improve their skill s in leadership.

The 10 hours workshop, which starts on 31st March 2016, is structured to include practical lesson and weekly on-line, E-lessons. It would be highly interactive and participant driven. The workshop will also expose common leadership misconceptions and offers a practical model based on Jesus’ Leadership style.

The ENCOUNTER workshop will also teach leaders to serve rather than rule. Participants will be trained to produce results through service and sacrifice rather than through power and position.

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