The watch and shoot, watch and shoot ideology in business.

Joseph Djokey - Focus
Know your market and FOCUS

Many British military personnel will be familiar with “watch and shoot, watch and shoot”. You will normally hear this phrase on the shooting ranges. Military personnel go to the ranges often to sharpen their shooting skills and also to learn new tactics. At this command shooters focus on their target and then shoot. Hence, adopting the ideology, before you start-up in business, I strongly suggest you “watch and shoot, watch and shoot”. Are you already in business? If so, “watch and shoot, watch and shoot” Know your target market, keep focused and dominate it.

The purpose of a shooting range is to provide a guarded place for practising to shoot. The purpose of your business is the mission. You are in business for a reason and you better be clear what the real reason is about. If you know the purpose of your business, write it down. The vision you have for your business must be aligned with the purpose.  Post your mission statement on your website and don’t forget to include it in your promotional materials. When things get rough, knowing why you are in business can motivate you to press on. Take time out to, reflect and be clear about why you are in business and why your businesses exist.

Do you know your target market? Failing to carry out basic instructions is “Bad Drills”. Private Blogs just realised after the shoot, that he has been shooting the wrong target.  There is a price to pay now. He is ordered to get down and start pushing up, get up run to the tree and come back, Ready!  Go! He is now given another chance.  He gets fresh rounds (ammunition) and fills his magazine and await for another turn. Many people can relate to this ‘Bad Drills’ in the way and manner they are jumping into business without knowing the target market they are supposed to serve. Researching your target market is a must if you want to succeed in business. It is now easier to research.  You may go to your local library and ask for the business services they provide.  Most libraries have free access to some excellent resources you can use to research your target market.  Why not Google it! After all we are in the era where information can be accessed just by the click of a button.

Military personnel are expected to pass a weapon handling test before they are allowed to shoot on the ranges.  A competent shooter is aware of the correct distances that targets can be hit? If you know your target market, be realistic about what can be achieved in it and what not. Make sure you possess the knowledge and experience of your business. Not ruling out the technical, tactical, practical, specific and marketing know-how of your trade.

There are a lot of noises in the marketplace today, too many disruptions but you will need to burst through and succeed.  Be clear what your mission is, run with it and share it. Know who you are serving and provide value for money.  Don’t bite too much than you can chew; but be determined to dominate the space you occupy in the marketplace. “Follow One Course Until Successful” is the key! You know your market, work it astutely; until you succeed and be a blessing to the world.